Getting Sticky – Optimizing For Search Engines

Sticky is about attracting customers and boosting your rankings in search engine results. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a principal used to drive more traffic to your site based on keyword searches in search engines (Yahoo, Google, AltaVista). The assumption is that the higher your relevance to the search, the more likely you’ll show up in the first few search results pages. 

Search engine result rankings aren’t solely due to page clicks or the number of keyword searches associated with your product or brand. Optimizing your content for searches is more complex and best left to the experts if you want results. Rather, here are a few tips to increase your site’s stickiness. 

  • Keep your content fresh. Publish regularly and often. And repurpose content. Say you have a speaking engagement coming up. Record it (video and audio). Following your presentation, publish your PowerPoint; a PDF version of the PowerPoint; a recording of it (via vidcast or podcast); and a transcript of that vidcast/podcast. 
  • Keep your content relevant. Know what keywords are relevant to your audience. When you post new videos, podcasts, blog pages, presentations, white papers, etc., use those keywords regularly in the content and page tags.

You could say that stickiness is a little like honey. If it’s fresh and your customer’s a bear, then it’s relevant. Looking for qualified and in-depth SEO help? Let us know.

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