The Facebook Business Page

Facebook and other social networking sites are great tools for your business. Use them to connect with people who wouldn’t otherwise find your business, build a community and spread the word. 

Make A Personal Connection

Remember, Facebook is about making personal connections, so having a face to your business is a sincere and authentic way to promote your business. Facebook works this way — you set up a personal profile (it’s about you). From there, you set up a business page (it’s another Facebook profile about your business). Add some friends (search for friends one person at a time, or upload a .csv file of your e-mail list) and invite them to “friend” you. After that, invite them, or share, your business profile with your friends. Two examples of business pages include Safety For Toddlers and the WaterCooler


Some companies have bypassed creating a personal Facebook page by registering a personal profile as a business. Nothing’s terribly wrong with the tactic, but Facebook could cancel your account. And until recently, there were great personal profile features that were unavailable to business users. 

Analyze and Advertise

The last benefit to setting up a business page is the ability to review analytics on who’s visiting your page, as well as advertise on a click or impression basis. The analytics are particularly useful for analyzing spikes in visitors and correlating those with your site’s activities.

Keeping It Fresh

Being active is important — it produces fresh content. Post product updates, business updates, news, discussion topics, events and videos to your Facebook business page. Get your customers engaged in the conversation by asking for their opinions.

Spread the Word

And remember, drive your customers to Facebook by letting them know you’re there. Add a Facebook profile badge to your outgoing e-mails, to your home page, and more.

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