Your Web Site Isn’t Enough

Your web site is your calling card on the internet. It’s out there among millions of other sites. Today, a web site isn’t enough. How do you draw more customers, make it stand out among the rest and increase its rank in search engine results? Part of the answer lies in using social media. Before diving into social media, develop a strategy

Ask Yourself

  • What problem(s) am I trying to solve?
  • Do I want to increase my sales?
  • To how many audiences am I communicating (e.g. B2B, B2C, product segments, etc.)?
  • Do I possess specialized knowledge that I can share, without giving away the farm, that positions me as a knowledge expert in my field/region/business?
  • What do I want to achieve through social media? 
  • Can I afford 1-2 hours a week focused on my social media efforts?
  • What tools will I use to measure the success of my social media efforts?

Together, these questions should lead up to a strategy, regardless of whether social media is part of your efforts or not.

 Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy should revolve around your web site. Your strategy could include the following tools to direct traffic back to your site:

  • LinkedIn (a tool for business contacts or B2B prospecting)
  • Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Tumblr (tools for building a community around your product or brand)
  • Twitter (a microblogging tool limited to 140 characters)
  • Blogs (used for knowledge sharing, announcements, podcasting and more)

Read more about some of the tools we recommend to Meshwork Marketing customers. Remember, social media is no silver bullet, but it will engage you in the conversation around your product/brand/specialty. And social media will position you as the subject-matter expert in your field; generate fresh content for your site; and play a strong role in boosting your site’s page rank in search engines.

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