Making Your Own Podcast

Producing podcasts are fun, position you as a subject-matter expert, and are helpful in driving traffic to your site. Before recording one, consider a few things:

  • Listen First — Download podcasts and listen to what others in your field are talking about. Like blogging, is there important information you can share with others? Where to search? Start with iTunes.
  • Frequency — Will your podcast be a one-off or part of a series?
  • Length — Keep your podcasts short — 1 to 3 minutes in length is about right. Some podcasts are longer, such as radio programming and recorded webinars.
  • Quality — The quality of your podcast should match your brand. If you’re about quality, do it right. I’ve listened to some great informational podcasts, but have been turned off to some that are not focused in content and feature terrible sound quality.
  • Timing — Expect to spend about 20 minutes per published minute when producing your podcast. Apple has some great podcast tools onboard.
  • Talent — If you’re considering a series of podcasts, create, or pay a service, to develop custom bumpers (the front- and back-end of a podcast). They create a sense of consistency and a unique format that’s all yours. I like to use this talented Boise-based artist, Jim Poston.
  • Music —  Unless you created the music yourself, seek out royalty-free or podsafe music. You can find lots of resources online.

Here are two podcasts I produced for a local synagogue, which have sealed the deal for a lot of people looking to move to Boise, ID. If you need more information, comment on this post and I’ll get right back to you.

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