Social Media Vomit

Please stop puking. I need to get these gripes off of my chest and I’m doing this for the good of my fellow Tweeters. I’ll probably lose a bunch of followers, be de-Friended in Facebook and get scathing comments on my blog, but it’s to everyone’s benefit. I’m willing to take the risk.

First, don’t Tweet about how cool your company or brand is. I’m following you because I’m interested in you, think you have something unique to share, have already bought into what/who you are, and may want to RT your Tweet. 

Second, don’t try to sell me on your real estate, insurance, chocolates (yes, chocolate) or some MLM program. I get enough solicitations in the mail and at work after regretfully adding my cell number to the local chamber business list. If you’re an expert in your field and I want your services, I want to know more about what you’re thinking, your industry trends, and how you approach your field. 

Third, think about your audience. Don’t be an amateur by vomiting useless information. Be relevant. Be informative. Share. Be cool.


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