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Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Power of Twitter and Customer Service

Yesterday I talked with a friend about her experience with Twitter. She was in a minor traffic accident and was frustrated the other person’s insurance company. While she has been trying to do the right thing, the company’s representatives were less…

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Analyzing Twitter With Excel, Part 1

Last month I shared a good article on several ways you can start listening. This article takes Twitter analytics one step further. Good stuff. Read on at Analyzing Twitter with Excel, Part 1 – Network World.

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When I talk with clients and colleagues about gaining a deeper understanding of their customers, demographics alone have real shortcomings. I talked to one startup that claimed it was targeting 1% of Facebook users. I asked about which 1% they…

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Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes

Looking for a quick way to get updates anytime your name or brand appears in blogs and Twitter? Check out this great article called Grow Bigger Ears in 10 Minutes. I’ve been doing this for some time now, with some variations….

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Successful Twitterers, Bloggers and Small Business Owners are just Extroverted Over-Achievers.

Ahh, the realities of Twitter, blogging and running your own small business settle in quickly after the honeymoon. It’s like reading a self-help book, jotting down your goals and then blowing them off a week or two later. Some may…

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United Airlines Breaks Guitars

I picked this up from David Meerman Scott’s blog, which sets up the story. As a musician, I can relate to the fear of having your instrument damaged by careless baggage handlers. Even my suitcases lose a piece here or…

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