When I talk with clients and colleagues about gaining a deeper understanding of their customers, demographics alone have real shortcomings. I talked to one startup that claimed it was targeting 1% of Facebook users. I asked about which 1% they were after. They didn’t have an answer, so they went into marketing mode by listing product features, etc. I asked about customer pain points. I repeated the question five times before someone heard me. I then asked if they spent time talking with any target users. No. Painful? Yes. Did we get somewhere? Yes, eventually.

So, like fostering innovative ideas, you need to sit down with your potential customer and find their pain points and passions. Learn more about what they want to solve, how, and what turns them on. It’s the only way to connect and deliver a solution that works for them.

Here’s more from Ron Amok on Passionographics. What ways have you connected with your customers?

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