The Power of Twitter and Customer Service

Yesterday I talked with a friend about her experience with Twitter. She was in a minor traffic accident and was frustrated the other person’s insurance company. While she has been trying to do the right thing, the company’s representatives were less than friendly.

She has a small Twitter following (40) and decided to share her experience. She looked up the company’s Twitter ID and posted a Tweet about the their lack of customer care and common courtesy. Two days later, a company representative called her to apologize and asked how he could help.

That’s the power of corporate listening. A smart move on their part, and hopefully a tool they use to instill change internally.

Do you have an example of how social media’s worked for you in a situation like this?

One Comment on “The Power of Twitter and Customer Service

  1. I’m liking that! Nothing puts the burner under companies that don’t take care of their customers like bad PR! I need to remember that one! Companies beware: someone is always watching!

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