Heading To Vietnam Today

I’m heading off to Hanoi, Vietnam today. Most of my preparation over the last couple of weeks, besides packing, has been lots of reading and posting my pre-trip impressions/plans here: Boise State University eMBA blog. While our mission is strictly tourist- and education-oriented, I’m anxious to ask those I meet about what community marketing means to them.

In the U.S. and other countries, social or community networking is growing. But in a country whose culture is based on decision-making around what’s best for the family, does social media have the same significance? What are the business challenges of Vietnam-based business face when it comes to customer or channel marketing? Or is community marketing important just from a B2B play for professional growth and enrichment?

Initial searches have turned up TechLang by Jason, which was started earlier this year to cover tech startups, but it’s dead. ZingMe, a rival to Facebook, has membership growing close to 1 million users. And then there’s vnSpoke, a LinkedIn-like, professional networking site. However, it too, appears to be dead. My work’s cut out for me!

If you know of any more Vietnamese social networking tools, let me know. Thoughts? Comments?

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