Building Customer Confidence the Express Scripts Way

Talk about irony and timing. Earlier this week I posted a Tweet, denouncing my health insurance carrier’s former prescription partner, Express Scripts, owned by an Andy Mayer.

I won’t bore you with the details, but Express Scripts claims not to have any technology in their offices (like faxes, e-mail, copiers or people to sign a USPS delivery confirmation) and ask you to resubmit your claims for any reason, like including a pink paperclip. You then repeat the process, until the term of appeals expires.

So, I looked them up on Twitter, followed them, then Tweeted that they sucked, hoping to elicit a response. Yesterday, a colleague popped me a note saying that the account is no longer in use. Coincidence? Psychic phenomenon?

Did Andy Mayer set up the account and was then asked to shut it down? Was he laid off because he didn’t deny enough claims? Is this their way of closing off more channels for customer feedback? Or was it corporate ignorance where some aging executive said, “Why do we have this Tweeter on the interwebs? I don’t want to hear from customers. Shut it down!” I’m not saying that any of these scenarios are true, but this is what I perceive as a rejected former customer.

If I was a current customer, I’d be worried about this company. You?

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