Feedback Forms: A Lesson in Futility

As marketers and PR pros, we all know why all businesses should have a feedback mechanism in place, from an email address on a receipt to a toll-free telephone number. However, I wonder if businesses are sincere in their efforts.

For example, I was on a homeward bound flight with the family over spring break, from Ft. Lauderdale to Boise. While dashing through the airport, I grabbed a few salads from Pasha’s, a Delaware North hospitality franchise. An hour into the flight, I crack open the plastic container to find that my bulgur wheat salad was nothing more than mint and parsley leaves with dressing. For $7, I felt ripped off.

When I got back to Boise, I pulled out the receipt and sent an email detailing my experience while thanking them for offering healthy alternatives in the airport. A month went by. No response. So, I took to Twitter and they heard me! But here’s how the conversation went:

dougmetzgar: I love giving restaurant feedback? By why ask for it and then not respond/acknowledge? @delawarenorth #customerservice #800lbgorilla

delawarenorth: @dougmetzgar We do love to hear feedback & appreciate your comments! Have you tried emailing us? I can direct message you contact info?

dougmetzgar: @delawarenorth Thx for the mention. Grt to to hear ur listening! Referring to Pasha’s to-go loc. in Ft. Lauderdale International airport.

dougmetzgar: @delawarenorth I did send an email on 4/2. Want me to DM the email address I used?

delawarenorth: @dougmetzgar Yes please! (at this point I can’t DM since @delawarenorth isn’t following me, so I broadcast the email address all over the Twitterverse).

delawarenorth: @dougmetzgar Great. You can also go on our website & leave a comment.

Now, this comment form is for some broad categories, especially after you realize that this company is a $2 billion operation with hundreds of businesses throughout the world. Happily, I filled out the form. That was a month ago. Call me crazy. I’m still waiting for a response acknowledging receipt.

Have you experienced a situation like mine? If so, please share.

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