Low-cost Ways to Effectively and Efficiently Reach Prospects–Part 1 of 7

As a small business, marketing can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. By understanding some of the free and low-cost lead-generation tools and tactics, you can start to effectively and efficiently reach prospects. This, and the following articles to come over the next two months, touch on subjects such as starting with a strategy, lead generation and leveraging social networks. In writing these, I found that I had much more to say than I expected. However, your time’s valuable, so I’ve kept topics brief. Feel free to comment or ask for other topics that I didn’t cover.

Start With a Strategy

Before jumping into the tools that I’ll cover in the coming months, develop a strategy that complements your company’s goals with the following five-step approach:
  1. Identify your target prospects (e.g., decision makers in the healthcare, legal, collections or other market).
  2. Define your value proposition. Think about what sets you apart from the competition to get your prospect’s attention and solves their pain (e.g. time, quality, cost).
  3. Match your marketing strategy with the goals of your business (e.g., acquiring new customers, recognizing incremental revenue growth with existing customers).
  4. Set out realistic, measurable goals to keep you focused (e.g., sign $100K in new projects each quarter).
  5. Consider one or more of the following tools and tactics to determine how you’ll maximize your efforts. Be sure to keep your message consistent with your goals and brand.
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