Low-cost Ways to Effectively and Efficiently Reach Prospects–Part 5 of 7

As a small business, marketing can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive. By understanding some of the free and low-cost lead-generation tools and tactics, you can start to effectively and efficiently reach prospects.

QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are gaining in popularity as mobile marketing gains momentum. According to the results of a February 2011 MGH survey, QR codes are mostly used to get coupons/deals, access additional information, enter a sweepstakes, sign up to receive more information, access video, make a purchase and interact with social networks.

To get your own set of QR codes, subscribe to a fee service like ScanLife to access dynamic codes and manage the destination of each code, even after you’ve printed it on a poster or product. If you don’t have a budget and aren’t looking for dynamic QR codes, head to Google’s URL shortener, plug in your destination URL and click on Shorten. Click on Details and you’ll see your new QR code, as well as some basic analytics.

One Comment on “Low-cost Ways to Effectively and Efficiently Reach Prospects–Part 5 of 7

  1. Thanks for the advice. Where is a good place to get custom QR code boxes? I see some in shapes, different graphics, etc.

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