Caveman Marketing and Attracting New Customers

Caveman Marketing

The marketing funnel is one concept that companies pursue to convert the prospect into a new customer. To me, it’s caveman marketing. It works like this: the prospective customer visits a website and surrenders their email in exchange for an online demo or free eBook. The caveman marketer then breaks out the club and attempts to beat the prospect into a purchase with a series of followup emails, phone calls, offers for more free eBooks and more. When was the last time you were conked over the head to make a purchase?

The Soft Approach

Before buying into the funnel, get to know your existing customers. Commit to delivering a great product and great customer service. Wooing your customers, instead of beating them over the head, will result in customers who will rave about your brand to their friends (just ask Zappos). Like the Faberge Shampoo ad, they’ll tell two friends and so on. What do you do to woo your customers?

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