Why You Need A Social Media Calendar


Save Time and Money

We lead busy lives, so saving time through some quick social media hacks is certainly attractive to the small and midsize business marketer. More importantly, a social media calendar helps you get and stay organized, ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your strategic objectives, and save time (and money).

What You Need

Your social media calendar should be simply organized and include the following:

  • Title or description of the content
  • Links to supporting documents, like content briefs, slide decks or other resources
  • Author or writer
  • Deadline
  • Channels you’ll promote it on

Implement Or Delegate

Once your calendar’s complete, you can use it to get buy-in from your clients, boss, manager, etc. Then you can either delegate the task to a coworker or, if you’re a solo shop, use it to start creating and scheduling your posts.

Learn More

  • Grab your own social media calendar template from Hootsuite.
  • Learn more about Hootsuite.
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