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Why You Need A Social Media Calendar

We lead busy lives, so saving time through some quick social media hacks is certainly attractive to the small and midsize business marketer. More importantly, a social media calendar helps you get and stay organized, ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your strategic objectives, and save time (and money).

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SMBs: Get Mobile-Friendly or Get Left Behind

Earlier this year, the Local Search Association reported that 47.3% of U.S.small and midsize businesses websites are not mobile-friendly. Other sources report a higher figure. Learn what you can do about it.

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Searching for the Keyword

Let’s talk about keyword searches for a second. As I’ve stated in my previous posts, it’s about content repetition and freshness. There are other keyword tools, but let’s focus on content. Let’s say that you’re a running shoe retailer, have…

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