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Why You Need A Social Media Calendar

We lead busy lives, so saving time through some quick social media hacks is certainly attractive to the small and midsize business marketer. More importantly, a social media calendar helps you get and stay organized, ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your strategic objectives, and save time (and money).

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Two Free, Easy Ways To Use Social Monitoring For Your Business

Why is social monitoring/social listening important? Your brand, reputation and quite possibly, your business, is at stake. Here are two quick and free tips to set up your own social monitoring.

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Caveman Marketing and Attracting New Customers

Caveman Marketing The marketing funnel is one concept that companies pursue to convert the prospect into a new customer. To me, it’s caveman marketing. It works like this: the prospective customer visits a website and surrenders their email in exchange…

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Customer Feedback Done Right at Walmart

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts on customer feedback, companies like Delaware North have good intentions, but their internal processes betray them. Yet, a megacorp like Walmart does it right. I wanted Martinelli’s sparkling cider, and the…

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Stalking The Competition

Did you know that you can use social media to keep tabs on your competition? This article digs into tools around Twitter, but you can add more to your arsenal. My recommendations: Set up a Google Alert with your competitor’s…

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Top Five Social Media Mistakes

Listening to others — it’s critical to our daily lives at home and work. Are you listening in social media? If not, you’re missing out on one critical element to the success of your social media efforts. Here are four…

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